Termite protection

Trust our termite prevention system used extensively throughout Hawaii

For stainless steel termite protection
Pest problems are best handled before they get out of control and you end up with damage to your home and property. By adding an inventive termite protection barrier from Termimesh, you can eliminate termite problems before they start. We're experienced in thorough termite protection services and are highly recommended as Honolulu, HI's first choice for termite protection.

We understand that your home is a lifetime investment. Let us help you safeguard its value for years to come with our industry leading termite protection Terimesh termite protection installation.

Prevent your home or building from termites with Termimesh. Call us in Honolulu for a quote today!


Installing Termimesh ternite protection on foundation of commercial building in Honolulu, HI
Termimesh can be divided into two installation types. Both use Termimesh's stainless steel. A complete installation or as a "penetrations-only" installation. If you are on a tight budget, then instead of a complete installation one could also choose to permanently protect the most vulnerable areas of a building where 80% of subterranean termites enter through conduits and pipe penetrations.

Control Methods

CEUs for termite protection methods in Honolulu, HI
We offer the best subterranean termite protection control methods. As a registered provider of the AIA continuing education, Termimesh Hawaii provides customers a free educational program on subterranean termite control methods.As an attendee of the program, you are entitled to receive continuing education credits (0.1 CEU per one-hour program).

Building Green

US Green Building Council in Honolulu, HI
Our Honolulu-based termite protection team proudly uses a reliable product that is Green ensuring the security of you and your family. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our Green qualities include:
  • No Chemicals
  • Avoidance of Toxins & Emissions
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Reduces Environmental Impact
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